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Associate Degree Programs and Courses

Academic programs and courses that prepare you for your next step.

Laurel College Center meets your unique needs with academic programs in a convenient location. Whatever your course of study, LCC is dedicated to supporting you. Whether you want to earn your degree, advance your career, join the workforce, or transfer your credits to one of our partner universities, LCC provides educational opportunities that fit you. Learn more about why to choose LCC.

Information about the programs below can be found on the Prince George's Community College website. 

General Studies

The general studies area of study is intended for students who are uncertain of their career plans or want two years of a broad, general college education. This curriculum has been adapted to allow students to explore several different subject areas.

Business Administration

Studying business administration offers learning opportunities in accounting, economics, or even entrepreneurship. Take classes towards your business degree by completing transfer credit courses at LCC. Information about this program is available through the Prince George's Community College website.

Psychology and Social Sciences

PGCC’s General Studies A.A. with Area of Concentration in Psychology is designed for students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The program is offered at Laurel College Center.