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General Studies Associate Degree

Explore all possibilities and prepare for transfer with this General Studies associate degree.

If you're unsure of the educational and career path you want to pursue, then an associate degree in General Studies might be right for you.

The General Studies degree allows you to explore multiple options, taking part in a variety of disciplines such as liberal arts and humanities, social sciences, English, science, and mathematics. At the Laurel College Center, you will receive two years of broad, quality education that will prepare you to make informed decisions for your educational and career future.

This program is designed to prepare you for transfer to a four-year institution with two years of affordable credits in hand. Through this General Studies program in Laurel, MD, you will have access to the classes you need to get ahead in life, at a fraction of the cost.

Apply through Prince George's Community College and enroll in the program there. Classes will be offered at the Laurel College Center. To learn more about how you can apply and register for this program, visit our Apply & Register page, or visit below: 

General Studies at PGCC