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Psychology and Social Sciences Associate Degree

Find the diverse knowledge you need to navigate a career in psychology and the social sciences.

Have you always wanted to know what makes people behave the way they do? Do you want to learn about the impact of the environment and other external stimuli on human behavior? The Psychology and Social Sciences Associate Degree may be able to help.

In this degree, you will use cross-cultural and interdisciplinary thinking to explore the world of psychology and social sciences. An associate degree in these disciplines can prepare you for transfer to a 4-year university, to earn your bachelor's degree in psychology or a variety of related disciplines.

You will have the opportunity to learn the basic research principles related to psychology, the ethical standards of careers in the field, and the knowledge needed to navigate those careers. You'll use technology to discuss various psychological phenomena and other data, specializing in whatever specific discipline that peaks your interest. 

Apply through Prince George's Community College and enroll in the program there. Classes will be offered at the Laurel College Center. To learn more about how you can apply and register for this program, visit our Apply & Register page, or visit the following pages:

Psychology at PGCC

General Studies at PGCC