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Nathan and Nathaniel


Howard Community College

Bringing out the best in brothers on two different career paths

In fall 2018, Nathan enrolled at Howard Community College (HCC) to pursue an associate degree in cybersecurity. At the same time, his twin brother, Nathaniel, who hopes to someday become a doctor, registered at Prince George’s Community College (PGCC), known for its comprehensive biology and science programs. What the brothers didn’t realize at that time was that despite their very different career aspirations and their decisions to go to two different schools, they would still have an opportunity to learn together. Both have taken advantage of the option to complete coursework at Laurel College Center (LCC), a regional higher education center that is managed collaboratively by HCC and PGCC, and just so happens to be very close to their home.

“When I first went to LCC, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it,” recalls Nathan. “But I quickly got comfortable and realized it’s actually a great place to learn. There are so many courses offered, and the classes are small. As a student, this means you get more time and attention from your teachers. They see you. They know your name. They really get to know you.”

Nathaniel offers a similar perspective, noting the welcoming atmosphere that has been apparent at LCC since the first time he stepped foot on campus.

“You see a lot of smiling faces at LCC, and it makes you feel good; like you are in a place where people really care about you and want to see you succeed,” said Nathaniel. “They say the big stuff can sometimes come in small packages. LCC is one of those small packages. I’ve realized that your educational experience can be just as good, and sometimes even better, on a smaller campus.”

In addition to the tremendous support Nathan and Nathaniel have received from their teachers and peers, being in school at the same time has opened doors for them to support one another in new ways. When they are home, they study and problem solve together. They bounce questions and ideas off one another. And they inspire each other to do their best.

“We have been each other’s greatest supporters in life,” said Nathaniel. “We are there to keep each other on track and motivated, and that’s especially important now, as we are both working toward associate degrees and planning to transfer to four-year schools.”

“Education is so valuable,” said Nathan. “Our world is changing and everyone needs to continue learning to make it a better place. It’s a key priority in our lives.”

Again, his brother agrees.

“Education is the key to striving for and achieving your dreams,” said Nathaniel. “We know that in the end, we will get what we worked for; not what we wished for.”