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Calvin and Kelvin

Calvin and Kelvin

Prince George's Community College

Accomplishing their mission, one class and experience at a time

Calvin and Kelvin are twin brothers on a mission. Together, they relocated from their native country of Ghana in 2017, with a goal to get the education they need to pursue their life dreams and goals – Calvin, to become a doctor, and Kelvin, to become a lawyer. Each day, the boys were traveling by bus to Prince George’s Community College (PGCC), passing by a sign for Laurel College Center (LCC), and wondering what it was all about. Then they learned that LCC is a regional higher education center, managed jointly by their school and Howard Community College (HCC). They decided to investigate it further, and found out that many of the classes they were required to complete could be taken on the LCC campus.

“We were very happy because the LCC campus is so close to home, about a 15-minute walk,” said Kelvin. “So at first, it was all about convenience. But then we took a few classes at LCC, and realized it’s about so much more. We found great teachers who have mentored us, guided us, and made sure that what we are learning goes beyond what can be read about in a book. It’s about the real world here.”

The brothers have been able to take a handful of classes – English, math, and psychology – together. They believe the life lessons they are gaining as students at LCC are preparing them well for what’s to come, after they complete their associate degrees and eventually transfer to four-year colleges. Both are committed to putting their best foot forward every day and making their family back at home proud that their decision to move to America for school was the right one.

“Where we come from, the standards are very high, and we were taught at an early age that you cannot wait for good opportunities to simply come to you. Instead you have to create opportunities for yourself,” said Calvin. “My brother and I are both working very hard to be the best we can be, and to learn from everything that is happening around us. We are here to do big things and LCC is helping us accomplish that.”


The brothers are continuing to work toward their associate degrees, and with less than 20 credits left to go, both plan to graduate in 2020. Calvin remains focused on his goal to pursue a career in medicine and Kelvin’s sights are still set on becoming a lawyer.

“We are on track and feeling good about the progress we are making in school,” said Calvin. “The support and encouragement Kelvin and I give each other is very important to both of us, and will become even more valuable in the future.”

With a plan to stick together as long as possible, Calvin and Kelvin are beginning to put some thought into which four-year colleges they wish to apply to, when the time comes to transfer. Both University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and University of Maryland, College Park are high on their consideration list.

“We have different career goals but our hope is to choose one school that will be a good fit for both of us,” explained Calvin. “We came to the U.S. together to pursue our educations, and we plan to finish them together, too.”