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Howard Community College (HCC)

Outstanding college education that’s affordable, accessible, and personal.


You Can Get There from Here. Howard Community College (HCC) cares about providing you with a pathway to success—in your career and your life. HCC offers quality, affordable academic courses and programs at its main campus in Columbia, Maryland, or at Laurel College Center. 

As a community of colleges and universities, the Laurel College Center is a convenient location to earn an associate degree, gain job credentials, or pursue personal interests. HCC is a founding partner of Laurel College Center. 

Associate Degree Programs and Courses

HCC offers in-demand associate degree programs and a variety of general education courses at Laurel College Center.

Learn more about these programs on the HCC website.

  • Admissions & Enrollment

    If you're new to HCC and interested in taking courses at Laurel College Center, you'll need to first meet with an advisor, and then submit an application for admission. When you register for classes, select classes offered at Laurel College Center. 

    Already a HCC student? If you are already taking classes at HCC's main campus, but you want to continue your education at the Laurel College Center, visit the HCC website to register, and select courses that are held at Laurel College Center. 

  • Tuition & Financial Aid Information

    At HCC, we work to provide you with an exceptional education at an affordable price. The HCC website has the latest information on tuition and fees. 

    Cost shouldn't prevent you from accessing quality education. Visit the HCC website to learn about tuition assistance and scholarship options.

Register for Credit Courses through HCC

Continuing Education Programs

Advance your knowledge of technology, express your creativity through art, or simply learn about an area that's always interested you. HCC's continuing education program offers select noncredit classes at Laurel College Center.

  • Classes & Programs
    Continuing Education includes personal enrichment and professional development, so there's something for everyone. Learn new skills or gain credentials that make you more marketable in the workforce. View the wide variety of HCC's noncredit continuing education programs here.
  • Registration
    If you want to take noncredit classes at LCC, registration is available on a rolling basis for via phone, email, or online. Registration through HCC is explained in full detail on the website.
  • Payment & Aid Information
    At HCC, students taking noncredit coursework pay on a per-class basis in addition to the standard registration fee. View payment and aid information on the HCC website.
Register for Noncredit Courses through HCC