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How to Apply & Register

Laurel College Center brings together a community of colleges and universities in one convenient location.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know about applying and registering for classes at Laurel College Center. If you're still not sure about LCC, explore different pathways that other LCC students have taken, below.


Choose your school

Which LCC partner school is right for you? Generally, this depends on your county of residence and your educational goal. Each of our partner colleges and universities offers select programs at Laurel College Center, and you can take courses in those programs at LCC.


Choose Your Program

Interested in an associate degree program?

LCC is a cost-effective, convenient option for your education! To enroll in an associate degree program, follow the admissions process for Howard Community College or Prince George's Community College. While many courses are offered at LCC, you may have to take some courses at your community college home campus to earn your degree.

Interested in a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree program?

If your goal is to take classes in preparation for a bachelor's degree or another advanced degree, LCC is a convenient, affordable location for you with 200-level and below classes available through the partner community colleges. If your goal is a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree, explore the programs available at LCC that will help you get ahead in life.


Get Academic Advising

We encourage you to speak to an advisor about your program of interest to determine if you have met prerequisites and are eligible for enrollment. Our supportive advising staff will help you select courses that are offered at LCC. Advising is available on a walk-in and appointment basis.

Advising at LCC 



After meeting with an advisor, you are ready to apply. First, select the school that offers that program, then follow the admissions and enrollment steps for that school and program. Information on tuition and financial aid are also available through the links below.

Associate Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degree and Advanced Degree Programs


Register for classes at HCC or PGCC

Once you have applied and been accepted as a student, you are ready to register for classes. Meet with an advisor for assistance in selecting classes and ensuring that you have met any prerequisites.
Select your school below to be directed to the appropriate registration instructions. 


See Yourself Here

Is LCC right for you? Here are sample pathways for ways to "get ahead in life" at Laurel College Center.

  • Take courses to explore a career switch or upgrade workforce skills

    Each semester at LCC, the community college founding partners, HCC and PGCC, teach dozens of credit and noncredit classes in a variety of instructional areas that allow you to explore interests or sharpen skills in an affordable and convenient way. Working students also value the flexibility of schedule options at LCC - daytime, evening, weekend, or accelerated courses that can be completed in fewer weeks.

    lcc student Michelle

    Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, but wanted to gain computer skills to advance her marketability. As a resident of Largo, she enrolled in Prince George’s Community College to take evening classes at LCC convenient to her Laurel job.

  • Complete a degree entirely at LCC for designated programs

    In addition to individual credit courses, the community college founding partners, HCC and PGCC, offer select associate degree programs that you can complete entirely at LCC. The four-year partners have also designated degree programs that allow you to work on your first two years at LCC and then continue on through a mix of online and LCC classes to complete a partner university’s bachelor’s degree program.


    lcc student Jack

    Jack was a Reservoir High School grad who completed two years of coursework at LCC to earn an associate degree in criminal justice from Howard Community College. Then, he continued attending LCC to complete a baccalaureate degree program in criminal justice offered by partner University of Maryland Global Campus.

  • Earn general education and prerequisite credits to apply to college degrees

    Maybe a college degree is your end goal, but you’re undecided about your program or area of study. LCC is an affordable and convenient option for you to take general education core courses, such as English, mathematics, etc., that are required by most accredited colleges. You can build on this educational foundation to fulfill requirements for a specific degree. Perhaps you’ll need to take upper level classes for an associate degree that are only offered at your home community college; or you want to transfer your course credits to apply to a four-year degree program.

    lcc student John

    John had only a semester at University of Maryland College Park before finances kept him from continuing full time. He went on to complete his required coursework at LCC, with a few upper-level classes at his home PGCC campus. With money saved in tuition and boarding, he was able to transfer his LCC credits back to College Park and still complete a bachelor’s in four years!