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Our Staff

The LCC’s full-time and part-time staff stands ready to answer questions, provide information, and offer assistance – all with the goal of helping students be successful.

LCC Staff

Administrative: 1-866-228-6110, 443-518-4500


Nancy Grinberg, Program Director, 443-518-4160

Jessica Brynarsky, Program Coordinator, 443-518-4163

April Salley, Office Associate, 443-518-4162

Juanita Artis, Student Services Coordinator, 443-518-4176


James Davis, Program Coordinator, 443-518-4163

Margaret Dyson, Program Coordinator, 443-518-4163

Coliena Ayele, Program Coordinator, 443-518-4163

Consuello Dunnington, Office Associate, 443-518-4162


Technology Support Services:  443-518-4168

 Systems Engineer, Vacant 443-518-3168

Stacey Zornes, PC Analyst, 443-518-4168

Patrick Awoyemi, Computer Technician, 443-518-4168


Biology Lab Support 443-518-3125, 443-518-4170


Shauna Iannarino, Biology Lab Manager, 443-518-3125/4170


Shonnette Grant, Biology Lab Technician, 443-518-3125/4170

LCC classes are small and personal, and taught by a dedicated faculty.